A positive, force-free and personalized approach to dog behavior and training.

Intuitive Hound is an integrative resource for living a balanced, natural and bonded life with dogs.

Reasons to Contact Tina May Include:
  • Puppy / Dog Preparation and Selection
  • Puppyhood / Adult Dog / Adopted Dog / Senior Dog Behavior
  • House Training and Coping with Being Home Alone
  • Relationships with Other Animals
  • New Home Acclimation
  • Greetings and Front Door Manners
  • Ayurveda Natural Nutrition and Overall Wellness
  • Dropping, Leaving and Taking Objects
  • Calming and Relaxing
  • Coming When Name is Called
  • Leash Teamwork
  • Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
  • Activities and Enrichment
  • Reactivity, Sudden Behavior Changes, Traumatic Events
  • Pet Industry Staff Training and Education
  • Pet Grief and Loss Counseling

Tina Makris

“Using only intuitive, positive and force-free methods, I provide personalized curriculum and support for both dogs and humans with successful, proven outcomes. Through our collaboration, you may hopefully develop a new understanding of dogs and the skills to establish clear communication with the dogs in your life. Whether in-person, distance coaching, or a combination of both – I am available to you wherever you are.” ~ Tina Makris

Contact Tina for a personalized and supportive approach to understanding dogs.

Dogs are more evolved and emotional than we give them credit. In addition, every dog is unique with unique learning styles and motivations that may change as they age. Different development stages throughout a dog’s life may require establishing new foundations, revisiting basic manners or understanding why a dog is displaying such behaviors as reactiveness, shyness, appetite changes, activity level variance, fear or aggressive tendencies. Bottom line – there is an emotion and a reason for a behavior. First, we must identify the root cause and then create a plan to help your dog find the understanding needed to live a happy, balanced and “WHole” life.

"Intuitive Hound uses a WHolistic Ayurveda-based approach to natural dog-human relationships."
~ Tina Makris, Owner