Intuitive Hound is an integrative resource for living a natural and whole relationship with dogs.

Reasons to Contact Intuitive Hound May Include:
  • Understanding the Dog in Your Life
  • Puppyhood, Adult Dog, Adopted Dog and Senior Dog
  • New Dog or Puppy Selection and Preparation
  • House Training / Coping with Being Home Alone
  • Relationships with Other Animals
  • New Home Acclimation
  • Greetings / Front Door Manners
  • Ayurveda Natural Lifestyle, Nutrition and Wellness
  • Dropping, Leaving and Taking Objects
  • Calming and Relaxing
  • Come When Name is Called
  • Leash Teamwork
  • Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
  • Activities and Enrichment
  • Reactivity, Sudden Behavior Changes, Traumatic Events
  • Pet Industry Staff Training and Education

Tina Makris

“Using only intuitive, positive and force-free methods, I provide insight and support for both dogs and humans with successful, proven outcomes. Through our collaboration, you may develop a new understanding of dogs along with new skills to cultivate clear communication with the dogs in your life. Whether via phone or video – I am available to you wherever you are.” ~ Tina Makris

Be a True Friend to Dogs

Dogs are more evolved and emotional than we give them credit. In addition, every dog is a unique individual with natural personality traits, learning styles and motivations that may change as they age. Different development stages throughout a dog’s life may require establishing new foundations, revisiting basic manners or understanding why a dog is displaying such behaviors as reactiveness, shyness, appetite changes, activity level variance, fear or aggressive tendencies. Bottom line – there is a need and an emotion to a behavior. Together, we create a plan to help your dog find the understanding needed to live a happy, balanced and whole life.

"Intuitive Hound is a natural Ayurveda-based approach to dog-human relationships." ~ Tina Makris, Owner