"Each dog has her own individual personality."

~ Tina Makris



Tina Makris is an experienced teacher and dog trainer in positive, force-free dog behavior. Intuitive Hound offers a natural Ayurveda-based approach to dog-human relationships.

Tina is registered with the Association for Professional Dog Trainers, approved by the American Kennel Club and remains current with continuing education in Ayurveda, dog cognition, natural pet wellness and dog-human psychology.

Intuitive Hound Virtual Services include personalized new client consultations, coaching and sessions, monthly memberships and free workshops.

"Be open to new ideas for living a balanced, natural and understanding life with dogs." ~ Tina Makris

Tina’s goal is to ignite a mind shift to change the focus and perception of dogs. Each dog has their own individual personality. Every dog is unique, and every human is unique, so it is essential that each dog-human relationship be rooted and developed in a balance of clear communication, trust and understanding. Tina focuses on both the dog and the human to cultivate a personalized and natural Ayurveda-based way to living with dogs in a human society.

Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old wellness philosophy and living practice rooted in the idea that all beings are created of different combinations of energies or the Five Elements – Air, Space, Fire, Water and Earth. The living practice of Ayurveda seeks to treat each being’s unique body, mind, and spirit using a comprehensive natural approach. This approach emphasizes nutrition, herbal remedies, movement and stillness to maintain a natural balance. Tina has organized this approach by identifying a dog’s Individual MindBody Type and creating a Personalized Natural Living Plan to establish or regain an overall balanced, healthy and natural way of living.


This is Winslow aka "Sir Kapha-lot" (as his beloved human guardian refers to him). Winslow's unique MindBody type is manifest as Kapha - an Ayurvedic Dosha based on two of the Five Elements, Earth and Water.

Winslow is grounded - faithful, loving, silly and forgiving. He is physically strong with a gentle disposition, slow-paced but graceful and generally goes with the flow. If you are interested in learning more about Dog Doshas and Ayurveda, please click below.



It is essential that each dog-human relationship be rooted in a balance of clear communication, trust and understanding.

Tina provides a non-judgemental and supportive atmosphere for dogs and humans.

Please check with your Veterinarian before making any changes to the health and wellness of the dogs in your life.

Information offered on this website or by any representative of Intuitive Hound in any form of communication is not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, psychological or medical treatment of a licensed professional healthcare provider.